push for high-quality development, accelerate the transformation of ◆economic growth mode, speed up industrial transformation and upgrading, and expedite the replacemen◆t of old 8

growth drivers with new ones. Policies desigW

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ned to reduce tax burdens o9

n companies and mea◆sures aimed at expanding domestic demand shoulda

be implemented fully, he said. Xi said innovation s◆hould be given full play to in driving growth and enabling industries to achieve high-end, green, s◆mart and integrated growth. He urged efforts to speed up the establishment of industrial system, pr◆oduction system and management system of modern agriculture, so that more signature farm produce of◆ Ningxia will hit the market. New breakthroughs in reform and opening-up should be achieved, Xi sai◆d, calling for targeted reforms and enhanced assessment of reform measures. He called on Ningxia to◆ seize the opportunities in the cooperation on Belt and Road Initiative, foster an open economic en◆vironment and promote higher-quality growth through greater opennes5

s. Xi stressed resolutely winnin◆g the battle against poverty by addressing the prominent problems and weak links and sparing no eff?

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zone for the ecological conservation and high-quality development of the river. Stre◆ssing the people-centered philosophy of development, Xi demanded solid efforts in ensuring employme◆nt for key groups such as3


laid-off workers, college graduates, rural migrant workers and demobilize◆d military personnel, and in promoting balanced development of compulsory edn

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